• Ecobank app [ in one minute ]

    Use Ecobank app in one minutes

    If you are searching for "how can I use ecobank app in my phone ".. 

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    Then know it that you have landed on the right page.. 

    Ecobank PLC has started making up more features on their amazing app in respect to give their customers convenient and secured means of banking at their fingertips. 


    Ecobank app has thus features; 

    • Customers can send, pay, shop or  even go to EXPRESS SERVICES by simply clicking Ecobank app on your mobile phone. 
    • You can do online banking as a customer with your ECOBANK app. 
    • The use or apply of vISA OR MASTER CARD from other banks as a customer is also allowed. 
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    How to download the Ecobank App
    1. Visit the google play or app store .
    2. Type "ECOBANK APP". 
    3. Install it on your mobile phone. 
    4. Click and lunch it. 
    5. AutheAuthethe app on your phone by. Dailing *326#  using the same line you use when creating your account... Confirm pin..
    6. Login.. If as new user click "NEW USER". 
    For more issues contact them on their page.. @http://www.ecobank.com/mobile.aspix 

    For easy download click below




    From the above article you will come to notice that the use of Ecobank mobile app is pretty simple and easy for users... .

    If you have any issues don't hesitate to leave it on the comment tap. 

    Always pop some comments below. .Thank you 


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